Dr Percy Barnevik


Dr Percy Barnevik is a Swedish business executive with more than forty years’ experience working for some of the world’s largest national and multinational companies.  In 2000, Dr Percy Barnevik decided to focus his philanthropic work on poverty alleviation in Tamil Nadu having witnessed the devastating impact of child labour. His vision was to reduce poverty through job creation for adults. By creating new jobs for parents, families would be able to pay for essential goods and services, allowing children to go to school. He is currently Adviser, Hand in Hand India. In 2006, he founded Hand in Hand International to support the job creation model developed in India and expand it to other locations. Hand in Hand International raises money for and provides support to organisations that implement the Hand in Hand job creation model in Asia, Africa and South America.

Dr Percy Barnevik is a former board member of American Du Pont and General Motors. He has received numerous international management awards and holds a number of honorary positions in leading international institutions and organisations.