Our first solid waste management project outside Tamil Nadu."

Varanasi, Uttar Pradesh

In 2012, the Uttar Pradesh Tourism Department hosted the International Buddhist Conclave. The Tourism Department sought our support and expertise to deal with the management of accumulated solid waste. This marked the first solid waste management project for us outside Tamil Nadu. Following a feasibility study conducted by a core team, an intensive mass cleaning campaign was conducted for a week. Accumulated garbage was cleared in two days with JCBs and Tippers. Regular and perpetual clearance of garbage started in parallel. Concerted efforts from us helped clear 540 tonnes of accumulated waste in three weeks. Awareness campaigns were conducted to sensitise the visiting tourists on the importance of keeping Varanasi clean, and banners were erected at prime locations to spread the message. The ‘Holy City’ was cleaned up in time to welcome, with open arms, the next influx of visitors.