Without Hand in Hand India's support, I would not even have the clothes I am wearing now! I am forever indebted to them!"

Suresh’s story

Hands that weaved to hands that type – Suresh’s success story

With a mother as a homemaker and a father who earned just INR 20 a day by making flower garlands and two elder sisters, Suresh was forced to work right from the young age of 9 years to contribute to the family income. He worked for 12 hours a day in a weaving loom, his nimble fingers incessantly moving in and out of the looms.

It was then in 2005, when Hand in Hand India’s mobilizers approached him and his family, convincing them about the importance of education and urged him to join the local Muthialpet Middle School. Though his parents encouraged him to take up education, he was bonded to the weaving loom for just INR 2000. To get out of this bondage, Hand in Hand India facilitated a loan after which he joined 5th grade in the middle school. To ensure that his education was not an additional burden on his family, Suresh has been working part-time ever since he started studying while also acing his exams!  Hand in Hand India’s ‘parcel scheme’ for such children was a boon to his family! This scheme provided basic kitchen and toiletry essentials to the poor childrens’ families. From 5th to 10th grade, he worked part time as a painter, agricultural worker, construction worker and even sold fish to earn some extra income.  Towards the end of his school education, i.e. 11th and 12th grade, he coached players in throw ball, a sport he was excellent at and avidly passionate about! Suresh never wasted a single moment of his pre-adult life, always working to help uplift his family! He has been a model son and elder brother.

Suresh aced his 12th grade examination and managed to gain admission in Bachelors of Commerce in Pachayappas Men’s College on a scholarship! Even then, he kept working. He worked as a data entry operator at night; he also honed his skills in type writing and TALLY whilst studying with this additional income.  He realized at a very early age, the importance of having a wide range of skills to succeed in a working environment.

Even before graduation, he had made up his mind to go back to his alma mater, Hand in Hand India! He wanted to give back to the organization that took him into their wings at a tender age. When we asked how Hand in Hand India has changed his life, he claims the most powerful statement that says it all, “Without Hand in Hand India, I won’t even have this shirt that I am wearing!” Today, he works as a Project Accountant for Hand in Hand India’s Natural Resource Management team. His initial placement was at the tribal region of Pachamalai, near Trichy. Once the team found realized his TALLY skills, they transferred him to the head office, in Kanchipuram.

Suresh currently earns INR 9700 per month! He gives a part of this back to his parents and with the rest educates his sisters who are in 10th and 12th grade. He continues to give back to society in any way possible, be it identifying children not going to school or buying books for those who are in school!