Thanks to the farm pond, my fields are adequately irrigated."


Murugan is a farmer. He owns 2 acres of cultivable land in Arapedu village in Tamil Nadu. During poor monsoons, the well in his farm could not adequately irrigate his land. Sometime ago, he got to know of farm ponds through our Watershed Programme. He soon approached the Watershed Committee to create a farm pond on his land. A 28-metre long farm pond was created, which helped Murugan to irrigate his land. As the pond filled up with water, Murugan was able to cultivate paddy for the entire 2 acres of his land. He expects his income to double with this intervention. Murugan is also planning to grow fish in his farm pond and plant lemon, jackfruit, mountain neem, and other agro-forestry plantations along the boundary of his farm pond.