With our own toilet, my home is a house of dignity."


A couple of years ago, Muniyammal’s home in Tamil Nadu’s Kovadi village sported a make-shift structure held together with old bedspreads. This was the bathroom of the house. Open defecation was the norm and the make-shift structure was used only for bathing purposes. In spite of the inconvenience, Muniyammal and her husband, like the rest of the villagers, never thought of constructing a toilet. To the couple, who struggled to make both ends meet, it would have been a luxury and one that they could not afford. Through our health awareness programme Muniyammal got to know about the health hazards in practicing open defecation. Availing a loan from us, Muniyammal was able to construct a toilet. Today, Muniyammal encourages other villagers to follow suit.