I’m an introvert but am not shy to educate myself."


Kherun Bee is a 28-year-old woman and a member of Yaa warish SHG, Hansalpur village of Mhow branch.

Kherun is an introvert. She has never been to a school in her lifetime. Family members also didn’t encourage her to go to school because, in her family, educating boys was given more priority. Her parents too did not consider Kherun as a potential earning member of their family, as they thought that after marriage she would leave their parents’ home. So her education is just considered as a waste of money and time. She was married at a very early age and is now the mother of 3 children.

When she was at her village, a mobilizer from Hand in Hand India briefed her on the women’s literacy programme. Kherun was so interested in enrolling herself for the classes that she became a student of the women literacy centre the very next day!

She is now a regular to the classes and is doing extremely well. She is now able to read and write all the alphabets in Hindi, her mother tongue.

When our mobiliser recently met her, Kherun was happy and expressed her gratitude to her teacher at the centre. In her words, “All credit goes to Hand in Hand India, the literacy centre and my teacher”.  Kharun’s enthusiasm and her desire to educate herself has only increased and so has her confidence!