The training from Hand in Hand India an organization has taught me how to utilize electricity properly and helped me earn more profits”



Radha Malviya is 20 years old. She is a resident of Bhogipur in the district of Shajapur in Madhya Pradesh. She lives in a joint family. Her husband is a farmer and mason. She has two children. The average monthly family income is around Rs. 15000.

She is a member of the Sanwariya SHG which has 10 members. It was formed in September 6 2013. The group has regular saving practices, but does not have inter-loaning facilities. She is also beneficiary of a social service organization named KRIPA, which serves for socio-economic development and support the beneficiaries through various social activities.

Radha has invested in high quality equipment through facilitation and support from financial institutions.  There has been an increase income due to uninterrupted 24 hour power supply by Government of MP.. Reductions in drudgery, better health and increase in rest  time  are  just  of  her  few  immediate  advantages.  She  has  been  able  to  generate  an increased income of Rs. 2000 per week through this enterprise. She applied a dynamic marketing  strategy  of  placing  a  banner  near  her  store  and  promoted  sales  through  her network. Radha was keen to undergo skill training on paper cup making.She elicited an interest in her in taking up eco-friendly energy based enterprise in the form of Dona Pattal (paper cups). The energy efficiency part of training has been very helpful. She pays flat Rs. 300 per month for household electricity consumption. The meter is connected and she can read and understand it.

Radha has now become self-sufficient after receiving training. She got information about various electronic appliances and their uses through the training. After the IEM training she bought a paper cup machine to run her mini enterprise. She purchased more raw materials and items to run her business after skill training so that now she can make more consumable articles.  Radha believes that gender equality is possible only through transformation in the mindsets of the male members and the society. She strongly believes that economic empowerment of women can bring about the change.