Thanks to the Citizen Centre in our village, we’re all now computer literate!”


The Citizen Centre (CC) at Thazhankulam Village (VUP Village), Villupuram District, Tamil Nadu serves as an IT window to facilitate the villagers in accessing information on various government schemes and online services besides offering E-literacy programme to school children and women. The students in the Government middle school in Thazhankulam are often visited by the Citizen Centre coordinator to facilitate E-literacy programmes and are motivated to learn and use computers available in the school. These programmes allow children to get introduced to concepts like the advantages of using a computer, its various parts and functions, and operate basic tools such as Microsoft word, Excel and MS Paint. Interventions of the CC have fetched good outcomes in terms of reducing the level of inhibition to handle this digital device and also to encourage children to use the computer provided at their school and in the VUP CC. The impetus has also led students approach citizen centres more often to learn basic computer courses.

The school was recently inspected by the District Educational Officer of Villupuram Mr. Gnanasekaran and by Assistant Educational officer of Villupuram Mr. Ramanu. During the inspection, children were questioned on their knowledge on computers and much to the surprise of the DEO, many students were able to explain how they use computers, a student from class VII demonstrated how to operate the computer. The enthusiasm seen among the children and the ease with which they handled the computer (in the absence of a computer instructor in the school) surprised the DEO and led him to visit the Citizen Centre in the village.