My disability was never a barrier when it came to learning.”


Twenty eight year old Rajeswari an active member of Athipookkal SHG in the Puliyambakkam village of Kancheepuram District in Tamil Nadu. Rajeswari lost her sense of hearing at the age of eight and can only understand and interpret communication through observation. Despite this challenge, she managed to study. She holds a Diploma in Computer Engineering and aspires to earn a living. Her disability obstructed her path to progress in looking out for gainful jobs and pushed her into a state of just doing day to day chores.

Rajeswari believed that only venturing into self-employment could fulfill her dreams so she readily took up the tailoring skill training programme of Hand in Hand India when it was introduced at her village. She received special attention from the trainer and constant motivation from fellow trainees in helping her learn better. Extra privileges such as allocating additional time to learn and allowing her to sit in a place where she had a good view of the trainer were made to ensure that she had a better learning environment. Today Rajeswari has successfully completed her two-month training and gained the confidence and knowledge to set up an enterprise of her own. She plans to purchase a sewing machine through a loan from her SHG and aspires to set up a boutique catering to the needs of the village she belongs to.

Her trainer Sangeetha says, “Despite her disability, she managed to learn in pace with other trainees. She was quick in capturing instructions and did well in pattern making and drawing.”

Mrs. Rajeswari says, “My disability was never a barrier when it came to learning. I have plans to purchase a tailoring machine so I can do business from my house. I plan to take up a Grameen loan as well as avail loans from Hand in Hand India to purchase the sewing machine.I express my sincere gratitude to Hand in Hand India for giving me the opportunity and support.