The business principles training programme given by Hand in Hand India, specially designed for the needs of women entrepreneurs, gave me insights into finance, marketing, information technology, banking, and soft skills and helped me diversify my business – I now own a textile shop in addition to my tailoring business.”


Jacintha is a budding entrepreneur from Orguvur village in Kancheepuram District. She belongs to a moderate family. Her family consists of 4 members but their house is situated at 4 kms from the main village.

8 years ago, she came to know about SHG and the benefits of micro-credit assistance through her neighbour. Eager to start a business, she enrolled in the Jeyam Puratchi Malargal SHG. In addition to completing three modules of SHG training at Hand in Hand India, she also equipped herself with the special training on skill upgradation training and perfected her tailoring skills. She then approached Hand in Hand India for micro-credit assistance to purchase a sewing machine. Using the funds wisely, the sewing machine she purchased was used by both Jacintha and her husband, a tailor by profession.  The fact that both husband and wife contributed to the business made it progress steadily and the couple decided to expand by purchasing extra sewing machines.  Their monthly income started to rise; so did their confidence and the eagerness to grow. Jacintha took an additional loan of INR 35,000 from Hand in Hand India to start her own tailoring business. She purchased raw materials with the money and started stitching dresses for children of all ages.

In January 2016, she attended a training programme for women entrepreneurs on enhancing business growth and profitability conducted by Hand in Hand and IIT Madras that gave her clarity and dispelled her fears on starting a business. The programme gave her insights into various areas such as finance, marketing, information technology, banking, and soft skills. Trainers provided inputs and encouraged her to diversify her business. Soon she scaled her business from being a tailoring shop to a medium size textile shop. Jacintha now runs a textile shop in addition to her tailoring business. Her monthly income has increased and so has her standard of living. Her children study in a reputed school in the area and she leads a life of dignity. Her husband supports her wholeheartedly and treats her as an equal partner in the life.