Training and Capacity Building

Our training and capacity building is an integral and a continuous process and prime importance is accorded to its content, role and delivery. Four basic types of training are imparted in a phased and focused manner within 6 months of group formation.

Module 1 training - comprises group activities and group management skills

Animator & Representative training - comprises leadership and book keeping skills

Module 2 training - comprises introduction of enterprise and microfinance management including financial education 

Module 3 training - comprises upgrading enterprises.

In addition to the above four trainings, we also provide Vocational training which is demand driven and provided to members to hone their skill sets in areas of their interests and need to increase the viability and scalability of their microenterprises. Training in over 46 vocational trades ranging from three days to six months is provided.

Our training programmes are customised according to the local contexts, language and needs.  

Our SHGs members in North India lack access to functional literacy (not having formal education beyond Grade 5 grade) and we are also attempting to teach functional literacy to SHG members through our donor-supported programmes.