Social Mobilisation

Our Social Mobilisation Programme or SMP identifies out-of-school children and child labourers through an initial door-to-door household survey. The initiative, by forming Child Rights Protection Committees, actively engages the local body representatives and various interest groups within the community in addressing child labour and ensuring the right to education for children.

All CLEP activities are planned through Social Mobilization Programmes or SMP. Awareness programmes like street plays; street corner meetings for self-help groups, youth, children, parents; rallies; door-to-door group motivation; posters and pamphlets; identifying and training of volunteers are used for spreading the importance of education.

Training and Facilitation
We conduct periodical trainings for our staff, stakeholders, Child Right Protection Committee members and elected local body representatives. We also focus on orienting the community on the Right to Free and Compulsory Education (RtE) Act and School Management Committee; interested field staff and CRPC volunteers are trained to perform cultural programmes in the community.

Child Rights Protection Committee is an integral component of our approach towards eliminating child labour through community involvement. CRPCs have been set-up in villages to create a supportive environment that preserves the rights of children. This in turn, enables eradication of child labour and ensures enrolment of children in schools. We work closely with local communities by providing intensive training on child rights and on the importance of education. CRPC meetings are conducted once in a month to discuss issues related to retention in schools; workable strategies are subsequently planned so as to help children as well as the schools.

Direct Enrolment
Government school enrolment is facilitated through direct enrolment. Every year, we ensure children from the anganwadi or Government-run day-care centres, aged five and more are enrolled in primary school; we similarly ensure that children who complete primary school go on to complete secondary and higher secondary education. The follow up and direct enrolments help to reduce the rate of children dropping out from school.

Mainstreaming & Child Tracking
Our work does not end by merely enrolling children in schools. We ensure that enrolled children are monitored and their progress is followed-up through a child tracking system till they turn 18. We maintain a systematic tracking record that requires a monthly follow-up of children in the school where they study and visits to their homes to ascertain the socio-economic status. The child tracking system ensures that children do not dropout again and if there are any concerns then our social mobilisation team steps in.