Group Organisations


Hand in Hand Consulting Services Private Ltd. is our consulting arm. It undertakes consultancy and partnership projects in the field of social development, specifically microfinance, financial inclusion, and livelihoods. It has successfully implemented projects in South Africa, Afghanistan, Brazil, Sri Lanka, Kenya, Cambodia, and Myanmar.




A Livelihoods Project was conceived to achieve a goal of creating 50,000 jobs in Cambodia. Hand in Hand Consulting Services Pvt. Ltd contextualized Hand in Hand’s SHG model in the Kratie and Stung Treng provinces working with the Cambodian Rural Development Team, the local partner. In 2 years since the project commenced, 1000 enterprises were established that lead to supporting the creation of 5,000 jobs.


We collaborated with the Ministry of Rural Rehabilitation and Development in Afghanistan for the Afghanistan Rural Enterprise Development Project. A major component of this programme was mass-mobilisation into entrepreneurship, an adapted version of the Indian self-help group model. Since 2007, over 8,000 jobs have been created among the self-help group women.


Hand in Hand Consulting Services Pvt. Ltd. partnered with the REDES (Redes de Desenvolvimento) Project of Visão Mundial (World Vision), Brazil. The Project adopted the Hand in Hand India model of poverty reduction and employment generation to improve conditions in the country’s impoverished North Eastern region. The Inter-American Development Bank financed the pilot project with Hand in Hand Consulting Services Pvt. Ltd. as consultant working in partnership with local grassroots organisations.


In 2010, Hand in Hand Consulting Services Pvt. Ltd. helped implement the self-help group model in Machakos and Kiambu Districts of Kenya. Hand in Hand Consulting Services Pvt. Ltd. has successfully set-up the social base for developmental activities in Kenya.


Myanmar has immense development needs and Hand in Hand Consulting Services Pvt. Ltd. established its Livelihoods project when the country opened up. The project was implemented in Bogalay Township, an area devastated by Cyclone Nargis, where it has helped the poor community to rebuild their lives with the entrepreneurship trainings and microcredit provided by Hand in Hand Consulting Services Pvt. Ltd.


Hand in Hand South Africa has embarked upon a micro credit programme to provide loan finance to their emerging micro and small enterprises. Hand in Hand Consulting Services Pvt. Ltd. was responsible for the Jobs for Growth Programme in 2006, under which more than 1,000 beneficiaries, trainers and government officials were trained and Hand in Hand South Africa emerged.


Hand in Hand Consulting Services Pvt. Ltd. has conducted a training-cum-exposure programme for UMCOR (United Methodists Committee on Relief) on self-help group formation. The focus was on creation of microenterprises by self-help groups. The programme was aimed at strengthening UMCOR’s Village Livelihood Groups programme in the island nation.


To become a complete solution provider for environmental sustainability through socially responsible and environmental friendly development projects

To work towards social and environmental development by including local communities, individuals and organisations in the management of essential services like waste, drinking water and energy through financially and socially sustainable projects.


Belstar Investment and Finance Private Limited is a non-deposit taking Non-Banking Financial Company acquired by the Hand in Hand group in September 2008 to provide scalable microfinance services to entrepreneurs nurtured by Hand in Hand India’s self-help group programme.

HIH Switzerland Association

Hand in Hand Switzerland Association, a non-profit association was established in 2013 in Altendorf, Canton Schwyz, Switzerland. The Association’s main aim is to raise grants and funds, assist with managerial and technical support and cultivate partnerships and alliances for the parent organization, Hand in Hand India. The association also facilitates cross learning between parent organization and donor community through a variety of avenues such as meetings, seminars, conferences, networking events and endeavors to promote the Hand in Hand India brand within the development sector at the global level.