Digital & Financial Literacy for SHG Women through Mass Awareness Campaigns in Madhya Pradesh

   Aligning itself with Government of India’s demonetisation drive, Hand in Hand India has been effectively conducting a series of mass awareness camps to spread awareness on digital payments and advantages of a cashless economy among the rural communities across 13 districts of Madhya Pradesh.

   The camps’ success can be essayed on the fact that nearly 6000 people, primarily women, have come forward to gain knowledge on mobile banking and digital payments. The 36 camps organised so far have received widespread press coverage in leading dailies of Madhya Pradesh.

   As a resource agency for DIFD and SIDBI’s “Poorest States Inclusive Growth Programme” (PSIG), Hand in Hand India is promoting financial literacy among women across 13 districts of Madhya Pradesh. After the demonetization drive and Government’s thrust on digital payment systems, it was felt that rural communities still suffered from lack of information and knowledge on how to use systems of smart banking and digital payments. In cognisance of the demand from the field, Hand in Hand India organized 36 special MASS AWARENESS CAMPS on issues of Demonetisation and Digital Payments.

   The main objective of these camps was to support government’s efforts to spread awareness on use of smart banking and digital payment systems and also to bust the various myths regarding currency bans and demonetization. Myths and reality of demonetisation, benefits of cashless banking, smart banking and steps to follow for digital payments were taught using innovative methods during the campaign.

   Eminent stakeholders including bankers, nodal officers of financial literacy centres, dealing with promoting financial inclusion services in the districts participated and facilitated ‘on the spot’ use of digital payments and smart banking systems.